Each year the Women’s Business Council has published a report demonstrating the council’s progress and influence. These reports have included case studies and guides for employers looking at removing the barriers to female success and aspiration.

Three year on progress report

3 years on reportThe WBC was expanded in 2016 to encompass industries such as engineering, manufacturing and construction, where women are significantly under- represented at senior levels. The WBC is delighted to secure the support of academics, industry representatives across STEM, colleges and government officials to the Starting Out Action Group to lever change.

Two year on progress report

Two years on reportOver the last two years, the Women’s Business Council has had a single focus: ensuring the world of business, across all sectors, continued to embrace the recommendations we made in 2012 and invest in the power of women.

We’ve worked hard to use our positions as business practitioners and leaders to push for change. Through our engagement we have reached millions of people across the country – and I am tremendously proud that these efforts are paying off and we are starting to see real progress.

One year on progress report

One Year On reportIn 2013, the Women’s Business Council devised and published a strategy which sought to capitalise on the skills and talents of women.

This strategy formed part of a larger initiative to support long-term UK economic growth and was derived, in the main, from one simple observation: the existence of a vast pool of untapped female talent, something which collectively had the potential to drive significant economic growth.

Women and the Economy – Government Action Plan

Government response coverThis document sets out how the government will take forward the initial Women's Business Council report’s findings and recommendations. The response outlines a number of actions which include; improved guidance for parents and their children on careers, a new drive on science, technology and engineering, support for those with caring responsibilities and a new business champion for older workers.

Full report

Full ReportThe Women’s Business Council was set up in 2012 to advise Government on how women’s contribution to growth can be optimised. Our aim has been to focus on areas with the greatest potential economic benefit and on recommendations with a clear economic case for action.