Promoting an age neutral policy and encouraging flexible working

With over 73,000 staff in the UK, BT has long considered itself an age-neutral organisation.  BT allows its employees to retire when they want to, as long as there is a role for them and their performance and health are satisfactory.

Our age demographic has changed in line with the working population and more closely reflects our customer base. The better we understand the communities we work with, the better able we are to deliver what they need, and understand the issues.

BT has worked to ensure that all of its policies and practices are age-neutral.  We have seen this as an extremely positive process, reinforcing to staff that opportunities are open to everyone, regardless of age.  BT has also lifted the age restrictions on its graduate scheme.  This allows us to cast the widest possible net to get the best people for the job.

Flexible working is a key enabler for any business – not just for its people but also for its customers. These practices contribute to BT’s 91.1% retention rate after 12 months for staff on maternity leave, compared to the private sector average of 85%. For BT, flexible working is an important business enabler –

“It makes our business more productive, cost effective, motivates our people and releases more potential for our customers.”