Alexandra Jardine

“Working flexibly from home has enabled me to work for the past eight years at a job I enjoy, while at the same time being there for my children for everything that matters to them, from homework to sports days and play rehearsals (plus, not having to invest in extra childcare). This works very well for our family, as I have a husband who has a very full-on medical job and is rarely able to take time off or work flexibly.

I don’t think this would have been possible 20 years ago in my job as part of a team on a magazine, but technology means that I can file all my work remotely and talk to my work colleagues easily using Slack, email etc. even though they are in the US (and in fact, my direct boss also works from home in LA.) I also feel I am more productive working at home in a quiet study than I would be in an office. You do miss office banter and possibly the ability to bounce ideas around, but on the whole I think it enables you to focus and to concentrate on work without distractions – or office politics.”