Georgie Faulkner

“Aged 30, I fell pregnant with my first child and started to wonder how I’d manage with a baby and a full-on job as a Sky Sports producer. I knew I didn’t want to give up my job, but equally I wanted to take my son to nursery. I needed flexibility.

So what did I do? I spoke to my manager and put together a request for a three-day week. So that I could continue producing my own shows, I agreed that my three days would vary – sometimes I’d do a 9am-5pm day in the office planning an event, other days I might work 2pm-10pm to produce a show.

Although my children are now eleven and nine, I still relish flexibility. When my dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a few years ago, the ability to have extra quality time with him was great, whilst still fulfilling my work and mum roles.

In 2016 I took on a more senior role, and now work a four-day week. I have found that connecting with people across the business at Women@Sky events has been really inspirational. Talking to people about what works for them can really help- so I would definitely encourage you to make use of the events.”