Jonathan Beckett

“I work compressed hours, taking a Tuesday as my non-working day. The four days that I do work I split between the office (Gogarburn) and Home.

I took the decision to work flexibly when my daughter was born as I wanted to play an active role in her child care. Compressed hours offered me the ideal balance between playing an active part in her care while also continuing to progress in my roles within the bank.
On a personal level I get to spend the day with my daughter which is fantastic.

From a business perspective I’ve found that I have learned how best to effectively use my time.
Overall the number of challenges has been very small. The main one was when a meeting or event was on a Tuesday when I was scheduled to be compressed however this was easy to overcome as on these occasions I would move my non-working day. The ability to log on from home is also great as it means that I can login early in the morning or at night to make sure that I get everything done.

It’s all about compromise, I value the flexibility that RBS gives me so I’m happy to be flexible as well to make sure that the job gets done and done well.
RBS is leading the way in terms of supporting flexible working both in terms of compressed hours and also working from home. I’ve watched flexible working grow over the years and I think this is fantastic for both the business and the staff.”