Marshall Clements

“Basically my wife works three long days a week. My son, Elliott, does two days at nursery (Monday and Friday) and one with his grandparents (Thursday). On Monday and Friday my wife drops my son to nursery, and I pick him up at 4pm – the time I leave site depends on the site location. On these days I cook the family dinner and bath Elliot. On Thursdays I drop off my son at his grandparent’s house for 8am and then head to site.

The site teams I work with are all aware of my flexible working arrangements and we have early morning and late working rotas in place, as well as site induction rotas. On my first site placement, all three Building Managers used flexible working to help support them with childcare arrangements.

My working pattern, means I have to be organised with the scheduling of meetings, and I make sure I have completed everything I need to before the end of the day. I find I am more focused during the day, regarding daily duties on site etc.

If I couldn’t be flexible with my working hours my son would spend nearly eleven hours in nursery. Being able to work in the way I do, has enabled me to spend more time with my son and has improved our bond no end. It has also enabled us to have dinner as a family and spend some great quality time together.”