Mike Rankine

“I work standard office hours throughout the week, in London Monday to Wednesday and from home Thursday & Friday. I have a daughter from a previous relationship and look after her 50% of the time; working from home two days a week allows me to take her to and from school on those days.

Quite simply, this working pattern allows me to support a 50% shared custody of my daughter. If I couldn’t have worked flexibly this wouldn’t be possible and I would see her far less. I also now have a 1-year old son and flexible working has allowed me to spend more time with him as I am home much earlier without a 90-minute commute
It can be challenging when face-to-face meetings are organised on my home working days, but I can usually move things around with enough notice. Having fixed days from home at the end of the week does also often mean missing out on office social occasions!

My employer and various line managers have been very supportive. From an employer point of view, we increasingly have new technologies to support home working, such as Zoom video conferencing that allows people to join meetings F2F from wherever they are. My line managers have always been very understanding and have helped me to manage time effectively so that not being in the office is not a disadvantage in any way.

I previously worked a different pattern that varied week-to-week whereby I would work longer hours in the office in London and then school hours from home. Sometimes it was 3 in London, 2 from home, others it was 4 in London with 1 from home and also 2 in London, 3 from home. Because this varied it was difficult to ever explain to anyone what my working pattern was, but I always ensured my work diary reflected where I would be and when I was available. With effective and efficient time management, you can make just about any pattern work.”