Paul Trenell

“When our son Joseph was born I moved onto a compressed hours working pattern after my wife Cathy went back to work. Working 10 days in 9 with every other Friday off to look after Joseph allowed us to limit the number of days that he initially went to nursery, helping to get him ready for school gradually, and saving a bit of money on childcare bills!. There were some challenges, and Thursdays were often busy, but that chance to spend some regular father-son time with Joseph was priceless. I taught him to ride his bike and took him on his first camping trip on these days, which are memories I will never forget.

When he started school earlier this year I reverted to full-time, but now use flexi-time to drop him off each morning and pick him up from school early every other Friday, which is a treat. I’ve been very grateful to be able to balance my work and home life like this, and pleased by how supportive bosses and colleagues have been.”