Steve Beswick

“Sabbatical: In 2009 after 15 Years at Microsoft I was offered a sabbatical from work for 3 months. This was a reward for tenure at Microsoft, plus also performance levels being high. Microsoft offered this with full pay and rewards. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to have this much time off work so I planned a trip around the world with my 18 year old daughter. Ten years on we still talk about the adventure we had and places we visited. Not many Dads could do this with their children and I am eternally grateful to Microsoft for giving me this opportunity. It was a great way of saying thank you for the work I have done.

Flexi hours: Today, I have just been appointed to a senior volunteering role which will require 15 days of my time a year. Working closely with my manager and HR I have agreed a flexible work pattern to accommodate these days. With technology now work can happen anywhere and at any time. Technology along with flexible rules from my employer on work patterns allows me to use my skills in a very different way for a very good cause.”