Stuart Anderson

“I work Mon – Thurs – 7am – 5pm – a combination of working on-site and at home. I decided to work flexibly to spend more time with my young children, reduce childcare / travel costs and to rethink my approach to work/personal life. The benefits of this working pattern are being able to be part of taking and picking up my children to nursery and school.

These are special moments and the child you interact with in the morning / afternoon versus the one when you arrive home late from work can be very different. Fun Friday’s in our house are always a hit.

The ability to work from home when your day doesn’t merit a trip into the office is extremely helpful in helping you be more efficient, reducing the stress of public transport and giving you some more time back in the evening. The challenge I’ve had with this working pattern is rethinking how I plan my working week. I’ve had to beef up my prioritisation skills to ensure I make the most of my 4 days in the office. Equally, disciplining myself to switch off on a Friday and focus my energy on my time with my children.

My employer/line manager has supported me by firstly embracing the idea and allowing me to demonstrate that it would not have any detrimental impact on my performance. It’s had the opposite effect as I now feel like I am more productive and happier when I am at work as I’m not making any significant trade offs at home to further my career.”