Sue-Beaumont Staite

“Since the birth of my first child in 2008 I have been able to balance a career I am passionate about with spending quality time with my family by taking advantage of job sharing, a form of flexible working which I think is still underutilised yet has enormous benefits for both the employer and the employee.

I have worked with two different job share partners and both times I have been able to work the first three days of the working week with my job share partner working the later three days. This enabled us to have a ‘cross-over’ day in the office where we could catch up and discuss work priorities.

As a working mum with a long commute I found working as a job share not only meant that I wasn’t coming back into work at the start of the week to an overwhelming inbox but it also enriched the work I delivered and my job satisfaction – there is truth in the old adage that ‘two heads are better than one’. In both of my job share roles I have enjoyed being able to bounce ideas off someone else and take on board any differing perspectives and ideas they might have. It definitely improved our productivity, creativity and commitment to success in that role. It also enabled us to balance a stretching job with caring commitments.”