Tim Hughes

“I work fulltime hours on a flexi-time, flexi-location basis to enable me to volunteer on the RNLI Chiswick lifeboat, retain additional advisory and non-executive roles, and be involved with mid-week family life. This means I typically spend two days per week working from home and do between two and four 12-hour shifts (including some nights) per month on the lifeboat.

When in the office, I focus on face-to-face meetings, collaboration and supporting my team and can do my desk-work pretty much anywhere: mostly at home but also at the lifeboat station between exercises and shouts. At TigerWit, we are creating a culture around flexibility, celebrating achievement and accommodating numerous working styles so that our employees can enjoy flexibility too and are more motivated and loyal as a result.

I have built advisory and non-executive work in to my professional life as I value a portfolio of interests and each role I have benefits, in some way, the others.

I have a young family and it is important to me to be involved in their lives. Whilst our schedule is full on, I believe my wife (who also works flexibly), my children and myself have richer lives as a result of this work-life balance.”