Verity Fenner

Alex Grieve, Executive Creative Director at AMV BBDO, commented: “If you want to pioneer a new way of working, work with the very best pioneers. 50% of Verity’s time is worth a 100% of most. We’re very lucky to have her.”

Verity Fenner added: “I’m delighted to be a pioneer in this fantastic scheme, which will hopefully kick start initiatives not only across our industry, but all others too. Working on a permanent contract, but only 2 days a week, gives me so much flexibility with not only work, but with my 2 year old Son too. It’s the dream more people should be asking for and pushing for. Dad’s too. Lots of agencies talk about these things but don’t actually follow through, so I’m determined to shine a light on AMV’s willingness to try something new that’s so desperately needed.”