Video: Professor Jo Brewis – How to support employees going through the menopause transition and why we need to talk about it

  In July 2017, my colleagues Dr. Vanessa Beck, Dr. Andrea Davies, Dr. Jesse Matheson and I published a government-commissioned report which reviews the evidence for how menopause affects women’s economic participation. In the video above, I discuss why employers

Timewise Joint CEO Karen Mattison MBE on flexible working, the Timewise Power 50 and the new work-less movement

Karen Mattison MBE, Joint CEO – Timewise Since launching the Timewise Power List in 2012, Timewise has been bringing high-level flexible working out into the open, shining a light on senior people who work part-time, and encouraging others to follow

Video: Age No Bar – John Cridland CBE on how to get the best out of an age-diverse workforce

  In the video above, I am discussing the issue of embracing an age-diverse workforce. In 1917 King George V sent the first telegrams to those celebrating their 100th birthday. Twenty-four telegrams were sent that year. In 2017 around six-thousand