Denis Woulfe discusses the importance of the Talent Pipeline

Denis W

In his first blog as the Women’s Business Council (WBC) member of the month, Denis Woulfe and Senior Partner at Deloitte tells us about his interests and affiliation with the Women’s Business Council.

I have been a partner at Deloitte UK since 1996 and I have enjoyed a wide range of roles, both in advising clients and also leading some of the firm’s commercial activities. I have also served on the Deloitte UK board of partners since 2008, helping to oversee the management of the firm and shape its long-term strategy.

When I was invited to become a member of the WBC, I jumped at the chance. I knew that it would be the perfect opportunity to work with some great people and to help more women succeed in business. I recognised the value of the WBC in terms of both supporting individual women and helping to promote the UK’s potential to become even more competitive and successful in the global marketplace, by maximising the capabilities of its human resources.

Deloitte is one of the leading business advisory firms in the world.  To maintain our success, we need to attract, train and retain the best people, capable of delivering consistently outstanding value to our clients.

While we invest heavily in our talent agenda, we also recognise that the requirements of our people are constantly changing. We must remain flexible and innovative in creating opportunities for current and future Deloitte employees to excel.  In order to do so, some of the areas we are currently focusing on are social mobility and diversity, women in leadership and agile working.

Changes to our approach to agile working were launched recently in order to provide over 12,000 Deloitte employees in the UK with the power to choose where, when and how they work. We introduced a range of new and adapted, formal and informal arrangements to incite a change in our day-to-day culture and provide support for those looking for a more flexible working arrangement.

We have an ambition to have 25% female partners by 2020 and 30% by 2030. In order to achieve this we recognise that we must improve our pipeline of future female leaders by making Deloitte a place that offers the opportunity to be successful while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.