F1 Recruitment – Business start-up with a flexible working environment

I started working at 18 years old and decided not to take up my university place to read English and Theatre Studies. After 22 years (until I was 40) working for a leading recruitment firm I set up my own marketing and communications recruitment business in April 2004. I could see that owning a business would give me the control over my life that being an employee could not. Running a business has never been about JUST making money. For me it has always been about the “purpose and the profit”. Running a business has given me the vehicle for creating and leading change programmes close to my heart.

I have always been determined to juggle the ambition of a fulfilling family life alongside my business life. I was married at 29 and divorced with two little boys under 3 by 35. I spent 6 tough years as a single parent managing everything on the home front as well as trying to further my career in the recruitment profession.  I am now very happily remarried to an ex teacher with two elder stepchildren, my own boys are now 18 and 16. At the same time I have created a thriving and growing business. My husband has been an amazing support and I am lucky to have a brother who is a chartered accountant by profession who is the f1 flexible working Finance Director!

F1 Recruitment took no borrowings and we were profitable and billing a quarter of a million in year 1. We have grown steadily over the last nine years and this year are expecting record fee income and healthy profit margins.  We have 15 staff/partners with ambitious growth plans over the next 5 years. Our business model puts flexible working at its heart. All partners work flexibly and remotely. We have 17 children between us aged 14 months to 24 years.

We have helped hundreds of people move jobs and further their careers in marketing communications and sponsorship. We actively champion the marcoms career – through many programmes we have initiated and run – and encourage diversity including gender, age and minority groups into the profession. We work on full time, interim and flexible working assignments at all levels. We also champion remote and flexible working within our clients.