Our work

Our strategic purpose

It is now widely accepted that the workplace needs to become more diverse and inclusive and there is much more that the business community can do to lead the change.

We hope that by increasing the number of supportive senior business leaders as change agents, and by sharing best practice and ideas which make a difference, we can help accelerate the change we all want to see.

The core strands of our work will focus on:

  • Stakeholder engagement: We will prioritise engaging with CEOs and other senior leaders from the UK’s largest and most influential businesses, “as change agents” to “Lead the Change”.
  • Diversity and inclusion: We will focus on the culture changes required to business culture and promote ideas which make a difference to help accelerate the changes needed.
  • Skills development: We will work with Business Schools and other delivery partners to identify skills and experience gaps specifically in relation to women. We will support effective sponsoring and develop ideas and materials to assist with enabling a better gender balance and inclusion in the executive pipeline.
  • Communications and guidance: We will work closely with the UK Government to help promote policies which support a more diverse and inclusive working culture and will provide guidance and advice where necessary. We will also look to share, and learn from best practice from across the globe.

Development Programmes

We are delighted to be working with London Business school and that Prof Randall Peterson has joined the board. Details of an exciting development programme we collaborated on can be found at https://www.london.edu/executive-education/leadership/women-in-leadership.

Ideas that make a difference

Further information about useful ‘Ideas that Make a Difference’ (PDF, 122KB)

Lead the change FAQs

Q1: What is the MACA-Lead the change Board?

The MACA-Lead the change Board is a government expert committee focused on building a more diverse and inclusive working culture at senior levels of UK Businesses.

Q2: What does the MACA-Lead the change Board do?

The work of the MACA-Lead the change board is set out here link to ‘Our Work’ page and our role and responsibilities are set out in our Terms of Reference which can be viewed here.

Q3: How will the MACA-Lead the change Board deliver its aims?

The work of the Board is supported by Government and will also work with delivery partners, supporters, ambassadors and business leaders all committed to the aims and objectives of the Board.

Q4: Who are the MACA-Lead the Change Board members?

The Board is Co-Chaired by Emer Timmons and Denis Woulfe MBE. Their bios can be viewed on our Who we are page. A full list of the MACA- lead the change Board members are listed below:

  • Emer Timmons Co-Chair
  • Denis Woulfe MBE, Co-Chair
  • Baroness Ruby McGregor-Smith CBE
  • Jonathan Bullock, Strategic Adviser and start-up chairman
  • Sir William Touche Bt, London Senior Partner and Vice Chair, Deloitte LLP
  • Elysia McCaffrey, Deputy Head of the Government Equalities Office
  • Randall Peterson, Professor and Academic Director of the Leadership Institute at London Business School
  • Michael Prescott, Group Managing Director, Hanover Communications
  • Caroline Walters OBE, Deputy Chair of the EHRC and Vice President of Carers UK
  • Emma Codd, Partner Deloitte LLP

Q5. What are the strategic programmes?

The strategic programmes are:
1.Stakeholder engagement
2.Skills and Leadership development
3.Policy advice, research and Ideas
4.Media, communications and events

Q6. Are board members paid?

The Co-Chairs and members are unpaid.

Q7. How long will the Board operate?

All Board members have committed to the programme for the full duration which will be just over two years (and no more than three), Summer 2019-Spring 2022.

Q8. How does the work on different strands of diversity and inclusion in senior roles fit together?

Businesses are encouraged to embrace diversity and inclusion in all its forms in business culture and processes. The Board will provide support to the Hampton-Alexander Review and the Sir John Parker Review, to help meet their targets for women in senior executive roles and ethnic diversity on boards (respectively).

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