The Women’s Business Council are committed to identifying and sharing practical actions that business leaders can take to increase the representation of women in leadership, close the Gender Pay Gap and encourage women into STEM careers. The WBC understand that the business sector are seeking an authority for best practice in a crowded market place and want to learn from one another through best practice initiatives and case studies. In many ways, the Women’s Business Council provides guidance and examples of what is simply good business, change management and collective leadership practices applied to specific gender equality challenges.

We welcome contact from senior business leaders interested in working with us to create opportunities to raise aspirations and allow talented people to reach their long term potential. We currently collaborate with champion advocates for each action group to ensure best practice.   

We are providing this information through the creation and promotion of toolkits by our five Action Groups. We endeavour to publish new information as often as possible.

Balance the System: How to increase gender diversity to accelerate business growth

Inspiring the next generation: engaging young people in STEM

Men As Change Agents

Returners: a toolkit for employers

The Age of Success


The Pipeline Effect

Front cover of the Pipeline Effect

Women Entrepreneurs Report

Deloitte uk women entrepreneurs

Trailblazers Transparency Report

Trailblazing Mending the Gap report Feb 2016

Mending the talent gap

Mending the talent gap image