WBC Awards 2016



‘Starting Out’

Winner: Professor Averil MacDonald for her work to encourage more young women into STEM.  Averil has embraced this agenda, has spoken to hundreds of girls and young women and has truly been an inspiration with her commitment and vision. She has been a successful in dispelling outdated myths about “boy’s careers” and remains a compelling advocate for change. She has identified the key role that mothers can play in championing more diverse career choices for girls. Averil has produced the powerful report Not for People Like Me which looked at what works and what doesn’t – which is a vital piece in the jigsaw of transforming the STEM landscape

‘Getting On’

Winner: Simone Roche, Director of Women 1st for developing a blueprint for success to enable women to rise to leadership positions. Simone is a one women power-house with the capacity to inspire others and to transform the cultures of business. WBC have been impressed with her drive to empower the female leaders of tomorrow, and her energy and enthusiasm to engage commentators and work collaboratively with a range of other partners to effect change

‘Staying On’

Winner: BT for demonstrating innovation and leadership in supporting carers. BT has led the way on innovative HR policies and shown real leadership in pushing boundaries. They have a compelling business case to support people with caring responsibilities and a vision to respect people’s desire to perform well at work and meet their personal responsibilities


Winner: Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne of Genius Gluten Free Bakery. Lucinda is a fantastic role model who has inspired others and has really shown what one woman can do. As a business woman, she has shown she can operate successfully in a highly competitive market. She is a fantastic example of how women can start a business from scratch and successfully scale up her business. Lucinda has spoken powerfully about the issues of self-confidence for female entrepreneurs. It really shines a spotlight on what it is possible to do with vision and commitment

‘Men as Change Agents’

The WBC were so impressed with the work going on to support women at work that they decided this year, to award two winners in this category.

The first winner is Chris Brook Carter – the Editor-in-Chief at Retail Week for being a real advocate of change.  Chris is someone who has not been afraid to speak up in order to improve things for women in his sector. He has shown real commitment to highlighting female role models. He really understands the business benefits of having more women in senior roles and is passionate about identifying female retail leaders of tomorrow. And crucially… engaging other men in his sector with this important debate

Our Second winner is Matthew Gwyther – Editor of Management Today.  Matthew is a man who has never been afraid to speak out about the benefits of equality and inclusion in our economy by running Inspiring Women training around the country. The WBC have been impressed with his ability to look for new ways to get important messages across. He has publicly promoted the talents and energy of women across the UK in his power lists….and he is now turning his attention to the untapped opportunities of engaging male leaders