WBC Awards 2015



‘Starting Out’
First winner: Robert Peston, for inspiring young people through the founding of Speakers for Schools.  Robert Peston saw a gap in the lives of many school children and thought he could shine a light on the world of opportunity outside. He has been the first to say that he himself was inspired by a local editor on a newspaper and it set him on the path we see today – grappling with the budget no less!

Second winner: Miriam González Durántez for her work with Inspiring Women as part of Inspiring the Future.
Miriam González Durántez has embraced this agenda, she has spoken to hundreds of girls and young women and has truly been an inspiration with her commitment and candour.


‘Getting On’
Winner: Lloyds Banking Group for demonstrating innovation and leadership in promoting flexible working, a willingness to share tools and best practice and leading the Agile Futures Forum.  Lloyds Banking Group has led the way on innovative policies and shown real leadership in pushing boundaries. The WBC has been impressed with their sensible, compelling business approach to change.


‘Staying On’
Winner: Employers for Carers for developing a blueprint for success.  Employers for Carers have pioneered a model of business collaboration that is now being replicated internationally. They have taken an issue that barely registered in people’s minds to the forefront of national discussion.


Winner: Jacqui Miller – Charlton of Miller International for being an Enterprise Champion.  Jacqui Miller shines a spotlight on what it is possible to do with vision and commitment. She is an individual who has inspired others. As a business women she has shown she can operate successfully in a male-dominated environment.


‘Men as Change Agents’
Winner: John Lochrie at British Gas for being an Ambassador for Change.  John Lochrie is someone who has not been afraid to speak up in order to improve things for women and the business. He has challenged the thinking of his leadership teams and he is encouraging more girls into STEM careers through education and employment. .