Start-up loan – Smartzer



25 year old Karoline was motivated by the desire to be her own boss, and so made her dreams a reality by setting up her business Smartzer, an online video tagging service, with the help of a Start-Up Loan.


Karoline started out in medical school and quickly realised it wasn’t what she wanted to do, so switched her degree to Fashion. Once she completed her studies, she moved to LA, and started a production company, which acted as a subsidiary of a Finnish media company her family owns. Both Karoline and her friend were shooting a travel show pilot, but this didn’t take off in the way she had hoped, and the business she had started wasn’t picking up.

Change in Direction

After a while, she decided to change her direction, and moved from production to technology. She had her own reservations about moving to an industry that seemed so specialist to her. However, people convinced her that she didn’t have to be a developer to do it, and she could hire someone who possessed the skills necessary to help her.

She hired a Caltech graduate quickly after to help on the technical side of things. She concurrently pursued a Masters in technology and entrepreneurship at UCL, and is still enrolled on the course while working towards building up her business. She received some investment that came in at Christmas time, and then approached Start Up Loans for further funding.

Karoline’s business is online video tagging software. It enables clients to tag their videos, allowing them to get better ads and market exposure. Karoline has been trading for 9 months, and incorporated her company on 14th December 2012.


Her first client is Orla Kiely, the specialist pattern and print designer. She also boasts Ivanna Helsinki, and some more high profile fashion houses and designers as clients.

Future Plans

Karoline’s future plans include bringing on more team members and scaling out the products, as well as raising further funding.

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